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Vertical Type Blender
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Vertical Type Blender Turbulence produced by 8 blades mixing in all directions.

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Vertical Type Blender is major for blending rubber, plastic virgin material, recycle material, colorant and masterbatches.

Vertical Type Blending Machine, turbulence produced by specail desgined blades, high-speed mixing in all directions.

Vertical Type Blending Machine, intergrated polish inside and outside, smooth surface no left over.


  • Blade's Material: SUS304BA (bright surface), special stirring blade design to generate eddy current and mix in all directions.
  • Mixing Tank's Material: SUS304BA, integrated polish inside and outside, smooth surface no leftover.
  • There is a safety switch in the mixing tank, which can automatically stop when the lid is opened.
  • Reducer: Use Taiwan's top quality reducer (brand:Liming), permanently free of oil change.
  • Discharge port: adopt manual gate.
  • Base material: SS41 low carbon steel, welded as a whole.
  • Attached timer and emergency stop switch.
Model MVT-50 MVT-100 MVT-200
Horsepower 3 HP 5 HP 10 HP
Max Capacity 50 kg 100 kg 220 Kg
R.P.M. 86 rpm 86 rpm 86 rpm
Machine Weight 230 kg 320 kg 420 kg
Machine Size 900 x 800 x 1170 mm 1090 x 950 x 1270 mm 1180 x 1110 x 1570 mm


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