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Injection Molding Robot - Electric Adjustment Robot
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Electric Adjustment Robot - •The Injection Molding Robot-middle traverse robots are extensively applied to plastic injection molding machine 350T ~ 1800T.

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  • Injection Molding Robot - electric adjustment robot is extensively applied to plastic injection molding machine 50T ~ 450T.
  • Injection Molding Robot - Electric adjustment robot can rapid take out the injection runners, sprues and finished products from the mold of plastic injection molding machine.
  • Injection Molding Robot - Electric adjustment robot can achieve requirement of Plastic Injection Molding Factory Automation (FA).


  • Dialog Controller, Easy to Control
    • The control system meets CE, SPI and EUROMAP standards, which is compatible with injection molding machines all over the world.
    • Remote controller with the LCD display for easy reading. The screen capacity is 100 Chinese characters.
    • Choice of English / Chinese displays on screen.
    • 16 bit dual CPU provides powerful editing functions for deletion, insertion and replacement.
    • The program copy function, in conjunction with the edit and modification function, provides easy program editing and modification.
    • 60 sets standard programs combined with 40 sets edit meets requirements for any type of mold.
    • Machine Interface Contains: Mold clamp interlock, injection interlock, mold eject interlock, safety door control, product counting and cycle time.
    • Specially designed outside mold hold function suits extra high molds and molds with core cylinders. This prevents molds bumping against the robot.
    • Middle Platen Confirmation Device (Optional): A safety guard to prevent the middle platen bumping against the robot resulting from incorrect positioning of middle platen.
  • The traverse stroke is driven by an high performance, frequency change brake motor.
  • The traverse stroke is controlled by an encoder, providing up to nine points of product release,and controlled directly by the settings of the operation panel.
  • The machine has an innovative automatic speed slow-down on the vertical stroke for the product and sprue arm when in manual control mode. This will avoid operation error and provide protection for the mole.
  • The product and sprue arms feature fast pick and slow release, which provide a safer working area.
  • X, Ya, Yb, Za, Zb axis adapt automatic position adjustment to have safe and convenient operation.
  • The second step of the vertical stroke is transmitted by a steel reinforced belt. Simultaneous motions for the first and second stroke give fast stroke speed.
  • OEM/ODM Product
  • Branded Product
  • Buyer's Label Offered
Model TEH-600(S/D) TEH-700(S/D) TEH-800(S/D) TEH-900(S/D) TEH-1000(S/D)
Suited For Injection Molding Machine 50 ~ 125 Tons 125 ~ 180 Tons 180 ~ 250 Tons 250 ~ 350 Tons 350 ~ 450 Tons
Power Source 1Ø220V±10%,50/60Hz

Electric Consumption 3A

Air Pressure 5 kg/cm²

Vertical Drive system(Z Axis) A:Pneumatic B:Pneumatic

Longitudinal Drive System (Y Axis) A:Pneumatic B:Pneumatic

Traverse Drive System(X Axis) Inverter Motor + Encoder

Posture Drive System(A Axis) Pneumatic

Vertical Stroke (Z Axis)mm A:660 / B:660 A:760 / B:760 A:860 / B:860 A:960 / B:960 A:1060 / B:1060
Longitudinal Stroke (Y Axis)mm A: 150 / B: 100 A: 150 / B: 100 A: 250 / B: 150 A: 250 / B: 150 A: 300 / B: 150
Traverse Stroke (X Axis)mm 1208 1208 1508 1508 1658
Posture Angle (A Axis) 90º

Max. Grip Weight (Jip Weight Included) 5 kg

Air Consumption  D: 25.7 / S: 15.2 D: 28.9 / S: 17 D: 33.2 / S: 19.9 D: 36.4 / S: 21.7 D: 39.6 / S: 23.8
Remark A: Product Arm / B: Sprue Arm

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