Servo Injection Molding Robot - Middle Servo Traverse Type Robot Arm for Wedlon Automation Co., Ltd.

Servo Injection Molding Robot - Middle Servo Traverse Type Robot Arm
Product ID: TEM-SNC3P/DNC5P Series Inquiry
Middle Servo Traverse Type Robot Arm - The Middle Servo Type Robot Arms are extensively applied to plastic injection molding machine 350T ~ 1800T.

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  • Injection Molding Robot - Middle Servo Traverse Type Robot is extensively applied to plastic injection molding machine 350T ~ 1800T.
  • Injection Molding Robot - Middle Servo Traverse Type Robot Arm can rapid take out the injection runners, sprues and finished products from the mold of plastic injection molding machine.
  • Injection Molding Robot - Middle Servo Traverse Type Robot Arm can achieve requirement of Plastic Injection Molding Factory Automation (FA).

  • Advanced Control Functions! Extremely Flexible Program Editing!
    • 320×240 colorful screen for easy reading.
    • High speed, highly efficient 16Bit CPU Working frequency is 133MHz.
    • Servo board and CPU board are single board design for independent change.
    • Includes USB interface for changing programs
    • Hand Wheel Encoder can be micrometrical adjusted.
    • External waiting、Rear pick function and Fast setting function for in-mold pick.
    • Stacking function 99×99×99.
    • Error record、Change record、System diagnosis、Program editing、Program Simulation、Program copy function.
    • Simultaneous reach on axis.
    • Fast setting function for manual mold change.
    • Micrometric adjustment for delay time.
  • Features Of Controller
    • Suitable for irregular take-out motions for special products, such as hooked products.
    • Allows for products stacking up to 99×99×99 points. Once stacking quantity has been reached , an out signal is transferred to conveyor belt. When preforming the first time stacking ,any foreign product existing on the production line will be detected. If the foreign product is not removed during stacking ,stacking motion will stop.
    • Provides insert in-mold function, and picks product at a setting position. Once mold opens, the robot picks product and inserts it into a specified position.
    • Allows for simultaneous editing of 3 axes positions.
    • Module functions  provides 16384 commands for program editing and memory function.
    • Speed increasing and reducing function. A hand wheel is provided for convenient program editing and simulation.
    • In manual mode, operator may use a hand wheel for micrometric position adjustment. This avoids operational error and provides protection for the mold.
    • Advanced injection confirmation signal eliminates the problem of robot bumping and clamping against the mold.
    • The robot arm can perform inside insert and take-out function at any position inside or outside of mold.
    • Remote controller with the LCD display for easy reading. The screen capacity is 260 Chinese or 520 English characters.
    • Choice of English/Chinese displays on screen. The control panel is a separated design, allowing for operation control at any position. Machine interlock, safety door control, product counting and cycle time.
    • The control system fully meet CE,SPI and EUROMAP international standards, and is compatible with that of any injection molding machine in the world.
  • Features Of Structure
    • Driven by Japanese MITSUBISHI Server Motor combined with rigid rack for stable and vibration-free movement.
    • Arms are manufactured from Aluminium alloy, featuring less weight,high durability, and wear-resistance. High stability in fast operation cycles.
    • The second step of vertical stroke is transmitted by steel reinforced belt.Simultaneous motions for the first and second strike give fast stroke speed.
    • Double linear motion guides that increase loading capacity of arm and service life.
    • A large , durable , flexible strip is provided to prevent the electrical wires and air circuit pipes from being damaged .
    • All components on this robot are made by modular manufacturing for superior interchangeability.







Suited For Injection Molding Machine

350 - 450 Tons

550 - 650 Tons

650 - 850 Tons

850 - 1,000 Tons

1,000 - 1,400 Tons

Power Source


Max. Electric Consumption

10A / 15A

Air Pressure

6 kg/cm²

Drive System

Servo Motor

Take-out stroke(z)






Longitudinal stroke (Y)






Traverse stroke (X)






Posture (A)


Max. Grip Weight (Jip Weight Included)


Air Consumption

(NL/cycle)(preasure 5kg/cm²)

44 L/Min

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