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Drawer Type Mold Rack
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The Drawer Type Mold Rack is major for placing platic mold for convenience.

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The Drawer Type Mold Rack is major for placing platic mold for convenience.

  • It’s major for organizing, collecting mold and saving space.
  • Reduce time of finding molds, changing molds; rapid lifting and lowering and reduce manpower.
  • Heavy objects like molds etc can be easily placed and organized to save space.
  • Each drawer can be loaded 800Kg / 1000Kg.
  • Hoist can be loaded 800Kg.
  • Hoist can be traversed horizontally.
  • Height of drawer type tier plate can be freely adjusted.
  • Length can be connected unlimitedly according to the site.
  • The mold rack is all assembled and it is simple and quick to install.
  • Backboard can prevent molds falling down on the back side (Option).
  • Special drawer type mold rack can be ordered.


MODEL RD2-4-H1(800Kg) RD2-4-H1(1000Kg)
Load Of Each Tier 800 Kg 1000 Kg
Load Of Hoist 800 Kg 800 Kg
Length Of Each Tier 905 mm 905 mm
Width Of Each Tier 610 mm 610 mm
Height Of Each Tier Adjustable Adjustable
Each Tier Standard Spacing 430mm 430mm
Total Length Total grids + 0.1M Total grids + 0.1M
Total Width(without the Hoist) 610mm 610mm
Total Width(with the Hoist) 860 mm 860 mm
Total Height(without the Hoist) 2005 mm 2005 mm
Total Height(with the Hoist) 2530 mm 2530 mm
Prop Thickness 3.2 mm 4 mm
Slide Rail Thickness 4 mm 4 mm
Faceplate Thickness 1.6 mm 1.6 mm
Angle Steel 50 x 4mm 50 x 4mm
Backboard Option Option
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