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Particle Vacuum Hopper Loader
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Particle Vacuum Hopper Loader is major applied to convey plastic particle to hopper dryer of plastic molding machine automatically.

  • Microcomputer digital touch panel, (ONE TOUCH) automatic startup and shutdown, the operation is very easy.
  • The machine and the hopper are designed separately, which is safe and convenient.
  • Strong suction and good suction effect.
  • Stainless vacuum hopper, integrated molding, outside paint, beautiful, durable and easy for cleaning.
  • The first design for powder-removing automatic suction machine.
  • The special dust collecting tank (10L) doubles the storage capacity, and the filter element can be separated for outdoor cleaning to avoid pollution in the factory and machine.
  • Material shortage automatic alarm device.
  • Motor reversible net cleaning.
  • Motor overload protection device.
Machine Type 3∮ Separate 3∮ Separate 3∮ Separate 3∮ Separate
Horsepower 1 HP 2 HP 3 HP 5 Hp
Conveying 400 Kg/hr 500 Kg/hr 700 Kg/hr 1000 Kg/hr
Conveying length 10m 12m 18m 30m
Vacuum Hopper G-8L(∮38) G-8L(∮38) G-8L(∮38) G-25L(∮50)
Hopper Dimension ∮310L*410W*440H ∮310L*410W*440H ∮310L*410W*440H ∮310L*410W*720H
Machine Dimension 570L*355W*660H 570L*355W*660H 570L*355W*710H 585L*400W*800H
Machine weight 42 Kg 56 Kg 69 Kg 72.5 Kg
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