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Plastic Solution 1

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  1. The plastic injection molding finished product will fall automatically, and the sprue will be taken out by (1) swing arm robot.
  2. After the finished product is automatically dropped, it is transported to the finishing box by (2) L Climb Type Conveyor.
  3. After the sprue is taken out, (1) swing arm robot thrown it into (4) extended hopper and fallen down to (3) crusher for immediate crushing.
  4. (6) The vacuum hopper is matched with (8) the proportional mixer to control the mixing ratio of the virgin material (5 new material barrels) and the regrind material (3 crusher’s storage barrel) for immediate recovery.
  5. (9) The metering masterbatch machine controls the feed ratio of masterbatch, and then to control the color of the product.
  6. (10) Mold monitor is used to protect mold and avoid mold injury.
  1. Save labor effort
  2. Lower the cost
  3. Increase production capacity
  4. Enhance quality
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