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Powerful Granulator
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The Powerful Plastic Shredding Machine is major for crushing the various runners, sprues and defected products from plastic injection molding machine.

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It is applied to crush rubber, plastic, wood, food and environment recycles.  It is mainly crushing defective product and runner, plastic injection, extrusion, and hollow molding (blowing).  It is also used crush wood, herb, tea stem, feeding, fabrics and glasses.

  • Wider in-feed inlet designed.
  • Faster cutter replacement, easy cleaning allows rapid screen changing.
  • Size of crushed granules adjustable depends on screen changed. (From Ø2~Ø30mm)
  • Cutter shaft with exceptional efficiency cutting angle designed that with least vibration and minimized powder yield.
  • Built-in emergency safety switch, allows automatic stopping when hopper are being opened.
  • Special designs made to meet customer’s need.
Model GP-1000RH GP-1000BRH
Horsepower 75 ~ 125 HP 75 ~ 125 HP
Inlet Size 1,000 x 650 mm 1,000 x 800 mm
Rotating Diameter Ø480 Ø650
R.P.M 560 rpm 560 rpm
Rotary Cutter 12 pcs 12 pcs
Stationary Cutter 4 pcs 4 pcs
Capacity 1,000 ~ 1,750 kg/hr 1,000 ~ 1,750 kg/hr
Contents 150 kg 150 kg
Machine Weight 2,800 kg 2,800 kg
Machine Size 2,450 x 1,950 x 2,600 mm 2,650 x 1,950 x 2,600 mm
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