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Z Climb Type Conveyor
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The Conveyor Equipment-Climb Type conveyors are major for transporting auto drop of the runners, sprues, and fine products from plastic injection molding machine and plastic blow molding machine.

  • Can be conveyed directly or intermittently.
  • The conveying speed can be adjusted randomly.(Option function)
  • Adopt imported, high quality belt which anti-electrostatic, heat-proof and oil-proof.
  • Specially designed sizes allow to be customized.
  • OEM/ODM Product
  • Branded Product
  • Buyer's Label Offered
Model CDHZ30-250IV CDHZ40-250IV
Belt Width 300 mm 400 mm
Belt Available Width 233 mm 333 mm
Machine Length 1,964 mm 1,964 mm
Machine Width 444 mm 544 mm
Conveying Capacity 12 Kg 12 Kg

60 W

60 W

Conveying Speed 0~10 M/min 0~10 M/min
Belt Character Heat-proof, Oil-proof, Anti-electrostatic Heat-proof, Oil-proof, Anti-electrostatic
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